Old Clothing Plus Additional Designs Equals New Clothing

Your things get older as you do. When they get older, they consequently look older. They become old enough for you to use. So, how about throwing them away

Throwing your things away is certainly not a good idea especially when you are talking about your clothes. At one time, you valued them and how they made you look good and feel good. Aside from that, the money you spent on them before should not be put into waste. You will not only lose what you invested on but you will also have to spend more on the new ones.

Surely, throwing things away is not a practical idea. So if you want something practical then, why not make a new outfit out of your old clothing Of course, the mere reason why you are no longer using your old clothes is because they do not fit the fashion trend anymore. In addition to that, they probably look torn and dull enough for you to wear. But if you only try making new designs out of these clothes, you may never have to throw every single one of them.

One good way to start redesigning your clothes is to cut some parts. If you have an old T-shirt, you can turn this into a sleeveless. If you have old pants, you can make it look tattered. You can do this on your own because even if you do not cut well, the errors will look as if they are part of the style. Afterwards, you can accessorize the clothes with laces or ribbons for a change. If there are any dull-looking clothes, bleach them to get into different hues.

Look up online for some frames and cuts you would like to follow in designing your clothes. Do not be afraid to try out what you think will look good on your clothes. Besides, you have all the leverage in designing your old clothing.