Super Energy Efficient House Design for the Modern Family

Penance is taking a whole new modern meaning. People are evidently the number one cause oaf lot of bad things happening on Earth and it’s probably about time for most of us to think of ways to take care of Mother Nature.

Since overpopulation and housing are the two leading causes of environmental meltdown, it would be best to control any or both of these problems. Seeing that overpopulation is inevitable, let’s turn to the other problem which is housing. How exactly do we help save the environment through housing? The solution is –Energy Efficient Homes.

Efficiency means maximizing time and effort to finish a task. In the case of housing, it means maximizing the use of energy and resources to build and sustain a house with little or no pollution produced.

Building an energy efficient house can be a little difficult, but not most of its features will not actually cost you that much. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

We start off with the house plan. You should take part in building your home. Identify and plan for the number of bedrooms and all living spaces you would need for your family. Wide areas may have transparent roofing in some parts to access sunlight during the day instead of using electricity to illuminate your home. Also make sure that you have bathroom/s effectively placed within the house for easier access. See if you could try to fit in some waterless non-flush urinals as well.

As for building materials, check to see if you could avoid using materials with Styrene, resins and glue which may contain harmful chemicals and give off dangerous fumes.

Once the house is built, make sure to consider all the furniture like storage spaces for your kitchen cabinets and proper positioning for your appliances you’d be bringing in to maximize the space. Check for eco-friendly seals and only get those that you’d really need.

Proper waste disposal and segregation must also be imposed. Try to separate recyclables and biodegradables. Designate a specific spot where you could either build a compost pit (if possible) or provide enough space for the waste containers that you’ll be using for segregation.

Lastly, try to conserve energy by reducing the use of your resources by simply turning off the faucet or the lights when not in use. If you could fit it into your budget, have solar panels installed as well.